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Seven Planes

Being an Account of the Life and Times of Nathaniel, Magician

Nathaniel aka John Mandrake
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"Listen - I'm the magician. You're the commoner.
I'm the one who orders you about, remember?"

NAME: Nathaniel.
ALIASES: John Mandrake.
AGE: 17 years old.
DATE OF BIRTH: November 26, 1994.*
DATE OF DEATH: October 30, 2011.*
HEIGHT: 5'10".
HAIR: Dark brown; mid-length.
EYES: Dark brown.
BIRTHPLACE: London, England.
STATUS: Dead upon arrival.
LOCATION: Building 7, Flat 25.
WEAPON(S) OF CHOICE: Incantations and pentacles may vary.
OCCUPATION: Magician, Information Minister.

PREVIOUS OCCUPATIONS [earliest to current]:
Magician's apprentice.
Junior Member of the British Government (Battle against the Resistance).
Head of Internal Affairs.
Information Minister.

A young, ambitious magician who gained an infamy of sorts throughout Magical and Common London.
Formidable and dangerously talented in the area of spells, incantations, pentacles, and summoning.
Terribly clever, has a flair for the political and enjoys being at the top.
Arrogant, charming and courteous, distant, serious, self-assured, and stubborn.
(Horrible at goading.)
Determined to be one of the greatest magicians of his time.

Saved London twice.
Almost fell in love.
Finally sacrificed himself to save the world...
...and died in the process.


* - Dates:

Birthday as specified by the author. Year selected in accordance to Kitty Jones' (kittyjones) birth year. Deathdate created by me, via calculations from the book.


Nat-Mun: Ellie, aka ellimental!
Disclaimer: I am not and do not claim to be Nathaniel/John Mandrake.
All credit goes to The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud.